Digital Marketing News: Facebook’s User Ratings & Groups Pixel, Google’s Ad Strength Tool, & Surprising Gen Z Survey Findings

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Facebook moves to rate users on trustworthiness: report
Facebook has started assigning users a reputation score. Will the new user trustworthiness rating system, which has been refined over the past year, see eventual digital marketing uses? Reuters

Machine learning reveals crazy advertising ideas that actually work
Artificial intelligence aims to not only create but monitor in real-time which ads are creating the most impact, including some rather unorthodox ideas. VentureBeat

Facebook tests ‘things in common’ label to try to connect non-friends
Facebook has been testing new methods to help bring non-friends who share common interests together, with highlights to appear among user comments. CNET

YouTube ads are about to get a little less skippable
YouTube Partners has announced a potentially risky change that will allow costlier unskippable ads on all the video giant’s channels, expanding on earlier limited-audience tests. Mashable

Google Updates Structured Data Requirements
Google has updated its structured data requirements for advertisers creating responsive search ads, including publication and modification dates and a variety of testing tool changes and additions. MediaPost

Survey shows digital-native Gen Z prefers in-person interaction with brands
Gen Z’s complex relationship with technology and marketing is examined in a new brand interaction survey of college students. Marketing Dive

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Podcasting continues its meteoric rise, creating more opportunities for marketers
Podcasting has seen widespread growth, with revenues that topped $314 million in 2017, an 86 percent increase from 2016, making the industry ripe for advertiser opportunities. A look at some of the challenges the medium presents. MarTech Today

People Spent 85 Billion Hours In WhatsApp In The Past 3 Months (Versus 31 Billion In Facebook)
WhatsApp users racked up some 85 billion usage hours over the last three months, more than double the time Facebook users spent. Combined with the Facebook-owned messaging and VoIP mobile app’s billion-plus users, the trajectory of WhatsApp appears to be strong. Forbes

Facebook adds pixel to Groups so marketers can track engaged audiences
Facebook has begun offering a tracking pixel features, allowing digital marketers new Group Insights user-behavior tracking options. DigiDay


2018 August 31 Marketoonist Tom Fishburne Cartoon

A lighthearted look at how to rebrand by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Gamer Checks Facebook During Cutscene That Took 3,000 Man-Hours to Animate — The Hard Times


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Digital Marketing News: Facebook’s User Ratings & Groups Pixel, Google’s Ad Strength Tool, & Surprising Gen Z Survey Findings |

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