Chris Brogan Joins Appfire as Chief of Staff

Yeah, so I’m taking a role inside a privately held company for a little while as Chief of Staff. That means that I report directly to the CEO and am responsible for keeping the Executive team rolling along nicely, leading strategy initiatives, and communicating with the board externally and with all the various other teams internally.

I haven’t worked for any other company since 2009, so that’s interesting, but I don’t really mind/care/think much about it. I’m really tuned into the mission. That’s what got me excited. Well, that and the fact that I get to work with all the C-level titles and do all kinds of executive leadership development.

Am I still going to write books, keynote speeches, etc? Yes.

Just also doing this really fun-ass job with my friend and now boss, Randall Ward.

Carry on.

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