Email Content Tips: The #1 Reason You Should Push the Copy Envelope

Picture this: it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, you’re laying on your couch in your pajamas re-watching Stranger Things with your cat finding a comfy spot in your lap. Your phone pings and you see a new email from your favorite nerdy t-shirt store.

“Where’d you go?” they ask. 
You open the message and it shows you some tees you added to your cart earlier that day but didn’t buy. 
They ask if you still want them. 
They tell you to “Grab Your Baggins.” 
You laugh… and you buy.

So the #1 reason to push the copy envelope is…?
Your audience. That person lazing on the couch watching Netflix who needs something disruptive enough to distract them from the upside-down.
May I have your attention, please?
Your customers get a ton of emails every day, so you need to stand out. You only have 3 seconds to grab their attention, so you better do it right!
Craft a noticeable subject line that gets them to open your message – something that just screams, “Hey! I’m different than those other emails! Open me!” Don’t use those exact words, obviously (or go ahead and try it, you never know).
Ditch the khakis for some tie-dye
After you get your customer to open your email, you need them to actually read it, so have fun with it! Don’t be plain and boring – your customer gets enough of that. Stand out by being more engaging, witty, fun, or quirky than everyone else. Whatever “being different” means for your brand in your industry – do it!
Be the email they actually look forward to getting in their inbox every day. 
Relationship status: shopping
$20 says your customers don’t just want black-tie you. They want old-pajamas-with-pizza-stains you, too! They want a brand they know they can trust and return to time and time again. Give your audience the opportunity to emotionally engage with your brand and build a long-term, multi-faceted relationship with you. 
Think you’ll give it a try? Let us know in the comments!

By Alicia Morrissey, Listrak Professional Services Copywriter

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