7 Strategies That Will Get Powerful Results for Your Marketing and Sales Teams [Free Webinar on May 24th]

7 Strategies That Will Get Powerful Results for Your Marketing and Sales Teams [Free Webinar on May 24th]

Are your sales and marketing teams aligned? Or are they working in silos, with only a vague understanding of what the other team is doing?

If your sales and marketing teams aren’t working well together, you’re not alone.

According to LinkedIn, 93 percent of sales and marketing professionals say their company has issues with alignment, such as antagonism between teams, excluding others from planning, and challenges communicating.

Sales and marketing misalignment can result in lower sales, lost leads, and annoyed customers. Are you ready to improve the relationship between sales and marketing?

Join Neil Patel and the Pipedrive team for a free webinar on sales and marketing alignment on May 24th at 8 am PST.

Why is Sales and Marketing Alignment So Important?

When the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, you lose revenue, deliver a poor customer experience, and miss opportunities.

A lack of sales and marketing coordination costs businesses an estimated $1 trillion a year in the US alone. 

For example, say marketing creates a campaign to drive what they think are qualified leads to a new landing page.

Unfortunately, sales redefined how they qualify leads a few weeks ago–but no one told marketing.

Now, that landing page is flooded with leads that sales will never follow up on. Marketing says “Look at all that traffic! Why isn’t anyone following up on all those leads?”

While sales sees low-quality traffic that will waste their time, so they focus on leads from a paid campaign instead.

Everyone’s frustrated, and no one wins–least of all your customers.

So how do you get everyone on the same page? By using strategies that bring sales and marketing together, increase communication, and play to everyone’s strengths.

What strategies should you use? That’s what we’ll cover in our next webinar, created in partnership with Pipedrive.

Who Should Attend Our Sales + Marketing Alignment Webinar

If you have a marketing and sales team of two or more people, you’ll want to attend this webinar.

Here’s why: setting up sales and marketing alignment from the beginning is the best way to prevent misalignment.

If you have a larger team and struggle to get everyone on the same page, this webinar will be crucial. We’ll cover a range of strategies, from automation to removing silos, to help both teams share data and strategies.

Remember, everyone is on the same team–and we’re all looking to drive growth. Making it easy (thank you, automation!) to share data and insights will improve everyone’s metrics–especially your bottom line.

What Types of Businesses Is This Webinar For?

Any business with a sales and marketing team (even if it’s only one person each!) will benefit from this webinar.

That includes organizations in industries like:

  • B2B businesses looking to improve their sales and marketing metrics
  • SaaS companies looking to increase sign-ups
  • E-commerce businesses looking to scale.
  • Brick and mortar companies struggling to grow online and in-person sales.

What You’ll Learn in Our May 24th Webinar

In our upcoming webinar, you’ll learn seven strategies to help your sales and marketing teams work together to drive leads, traffic, and revenue.

Neil will share strategies like using automation and integrations to eliminate data silos, aligning communciation cadences, and integrating call data so both teams can leverage it to improve customer experience.

For each strategy, we’ll share data points on why it matters, results in the form of case studies, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement our strategies for your business.

The webinar will wrap up with a Q+A session where you can ask questions and get advice on implementing these strategies in your own organization.

Want to join us? Sign up today and join us on May 24th. We look forward to seeing you.

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